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Questions and Answers

Becoming a surfer ?????????

I'm taking surfing lessons
i'm subscribed to surfing magazines
and i love the ocean and water

would i be considered a surfer????

Posted by Amber
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No. But, you are starting to become one. It all depends on what motivates you to keep on surfing. Is it to pose, and look cool? Or is it because you really love the ocean, and want to be part of it, as much as you can?
Like JD said, you have to be a competent waterman (waterperson?) before you start to be a surfer. There is a whole lot to know (and feel). It is not just because you can stand up on a softtop in waist deep beach break. It comes about because you can spot a rip standing in the dunes. Because you know when to pull out out of wave instead of trying to take off. It's when you know that a rising tide is the best at your favorite spot,
And, like Surfboard man said, it doesn't matter how you dress, or what magazines you read.
Can you become a surfer? SURE. Keep at it. Talk to other surfers, not people on line. Watch people surf, not look at pictures of them. Hang out in surf shops. Talk about trends, and new ideas. Learn the ocean. Be one with it. Surf because you love how it makes you feel, not what other people say about it. And then, and only then, you will be a surfer.
Welcome to the world of surfing. And remember, surfing is FUN.

Wouls superman beat the silver surfer?

I really dont care but my friends say that silver surfer would win.

Posted by Anime121
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Silver Surfer would definitely win this one. I pulled an exerpt from Wikipedia which is pretty dead-on the mark where his powers are concerned. Check these out:

Endowed with the Power Cosmic granting him:
Superhuman strength and stamina (strength on par with the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe, & therefore with Superman as well; stamina surpassing Superman as he has no need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe)
Virtual invulnerability (just like Superman)
Energy manipulation and absorption (can absorb heat vision, & theoretically could transmute other sources of energy to match kryptonite radiation)
Molecular transmutation (could transform Superman's costume to solid kryptonite, or Superman to stone)
Control over the Fundamental Forces
Degree of cosmic awareness (can sense events in throughout the universe, giving him an awareness of what Superman was doing before he could finish doing it)
The ability to travel at trans-light speeds (warp speeds- faster than Superman)
Mind control (not just physical edge for Silver Surfer)
Time manipulation

All in all, Silver Surfer could decimate Superman if he wished. Thank goodness he's one of the good guys. But in an ironic twist, both these characters have been heralds of Galactus! I would love to read the crossover to see what sorts of powers Superman would have had when granted the Power Cosmic.

What makes the Silver Surfer so cool?

Is he even cool? What's his level of popularity compared to the other Marvel characters? Is he even cooler than lesser mutants?

I have yet to actually meet a Silver Surfer fan.

Posted by Joey T
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The surfer is cool because in the comics he gave up his human form and the woman he loved to save his world.The surfer is a noble being and is seen as a tragic character.As being the herald of Gaactus he must fid planets for his master to "eat". The surfer always looks for uninhabited planets .Im not a huge fan but i do enjoy the Surfer comics.

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Butthole Surfers, Dum Dum

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