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There are few members of the American Civil Liberties Union in the conservative communities where this column appears.

Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding, Chefs & Shakers Mash-up … – San Diego CityBEAT

San Diego CityBEATSurf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding, Chefs & Shakers Mash-up …San Diego CityBEATThose talks eventually resulted in Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding, an exhibition that'll open at the Mingei on Saturday, June 21. The show, curated by Kenvin, is a visual history of surfboards that highlights the contributions of …

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Surfing Heritage & Culture Center in San Clemente, Ca

Questions and Answers

Surfing near Sunnyvale, CA?

I'm wondering where you would surf/ do other water sports around the Sunnyvale area in California.
It's not far from San Fran so there's Half Moon Bay and further down the coast the beaches of San Gregorio and Pescadero.
Sunnyvale is located at the botton of the San Francisco Bay – can you do watersports off there? Or what is that area of coastline used for?

Posted by Incubusrox88
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The Golden State is the epicenter of surf culture – and a great
place to be a surfer. Along its 1100 miles of coastline lie three
distinct surf regions: Southern, Central, and Northern California. All
three areas catch swells year-round with the fall, spring and winter
being the most consistent seasons. And all three areas are beautiful
places to live and visit.

(MY NOTE: The Central California surfing spots are the closest to Sunnyvale.)

Central California is less commercialized, although it does boast a genuine surf capitol in Santa Cruz and some pricey seascape in Carmel and San Francisco. But don’t let that fool you – the water is colder and the waves are heavier. The vibe along this coast is more serious, and closer to “soul” than “neon” in outlook. You can find lots of places to surf between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, but pack your wetsuit.

All in all, California has something and someplace for everyone. The Beach Boys sang about it and surf magazines radiate it – California is cool.


Surfing in Santa Cruz

Everything you need to know about Surfn' in Santa Cruz.

Welcome to Surfn' Santa Cruz, the web page that provides all the information you need to know about surfing in Santa Cruz California, about 75 miles South of San Francisco on the northern end of the Monterey Bay. Cowells beach is located on West Cliff Drive, near Bay Ave. Just up from Cowells is Steamers Lane at the Surfing Museum housed in the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse. Santa Cruz has it all, from Santa Cruz's Cowells Gidgit waves to Half Moon Bay's Mavericks Meat Grinders. And don't over look Capitola's East side offering the Hook at 41st through Pleasure Point along East Cliff Drive.

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SURF CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Whar are the norms of surfers!!!!

Norms- what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable, important or nonimportant.

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Mark is right.

I am a 60 year old white guy who lives in a city. I have two very conservative, establishment type jobs and I am a military veteran. I have kids, grand kids and a mortgage, taxes and such. I wear clothes from Walmart, or Sears or any other store I happen to be near when I need something new. I don't walk around calling folks "Dude" and talking about "Ganrly" things and telling people how "Stoked" I was surfing last week. But. I have been surfing since 1966, and I have surfed all over the US and a few overseas spots. I have owned dozens of surfboards, and I have taught family and friend show to surf. I was swimming in the ocean before I knew my ABCs. I am a surfer.

There is no "surf culture". There are places where surfing is very popular, and it is well accepted in the community, and there are lots of people who surf. So, we might describe that area as having a strong "surf culture." But that does not mean that everybody has a good tan, or walks around stoned like Jeff Spicoli from fast Times at Ridgemont High.

What is the norm to surfers? It should be: People who actually go out and surf. People who respect and appreciate the ocean and the beach. People who are courteous and friendly, and respectful of other surfers. Unfortunately, there are far too many "kooks" and posers who create a bad image for surfing, and far too many kids who are posers.

What northern california coastal cities are most reknowned for surfing culture?

What coastal city (or cities) in northern california are most reknowned for surfing culture? What cities do surfers most tend to frequent to surf at for their beaches? For many years, i presumed that Big Sur had much surfing culture, but when i read about Big Sur in, it makes Big Sur out to be nothing more than a secluded refuge for yuppies who build homes perched high in the Santa Lucia mountains.

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Actually, Huntington Beach is THE Surf City. However, Santa Cruz has a tremendous surf culture going back to the early days of surfing. Many surf mfgs are located there plus they have a number of events for surfers all year long. While the local breaks don't always produce, you can also drive north or south to many good surf spots. Mavericks isn't that far a drive north. If you go much farther north you get into the red triangle that is much more sharkey than SC and south.

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