Start Surfing

Start Surfing Now! Respect: Respect the residents if you are visiting a beach. Bear in mind that you are a visitor which waves should be shared. Rips: If you are caught in a rip, keep in mind that it’s called R.I.P. for a factor. You might not make it back to dry land ever once […]

Surfing Wetsuit Types

The Wetsuit Types If you are seeking to purchase a brand-new wetsuit, the terminology, and big series of the option, can be a little confusing. We are going to take a look at some different wetsuit shapes, from an easy vest to a full suit. This is a basic beginners guide and will contain links […]

Basic Rules of Surfing

Fundamental Rules to Surfing Here are the basic guidelines to Surfing. If you read them, you should be safe in the surf. (And so should everybody else.) They are in no order of importance, but all matter. Keep in mind – browse securely and appreciate your fellow water babes. Surfing Dos And Don’ts. Alcohol: Surfing […]

What to Prepare for Surfing

THINGS WE PREPARE FOR SURFING Physical fitness for surfing Surfing is a physically demanding sport. You need to be strong, versatile and have excellent endurance. The fitter you are, the longer you’ll have the ability to browse for. The faster you paddle, the more waves you’ll get. We’ve got lots of posts, specifically for web […]