Surf Hawaii, Quick Facts

Let’s Surf Hawaii! – 20 Series Surf Hawaii – Quick Facts AREA: Pacific Ocean POPULATION: 1.4 million CITIZENSHIP: American LANGUAGE: English Currency: United States Dollar Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is the newest of the 50 US states and has over one million irreversible residents. Due to the […]

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Searching For Perfect Waves Charity

Assisting Those In Need While Searching For Perfect Waves We have the privilege of taking a trip to some of the unique places worldwide in search of best waves and experiences that will be kept in mind for a lifetime. As an organization, we have an ecological and social commitment to leave those places much […]

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The Wetsuit Guide

The Wetsuit Guide When purchasing a wetsuit, you have to consider a few things before you shop. Some of the concerns you need to be asking yourself are: Exactly what are the kinds of wetsuits? Which one would I need? What size do I have to purchase? What’re this MT/ XXL things? I understand the […]

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Wetsuit Dictionary

Narrabeen Narrabeen is among a whole host of quality surf spots on Sydney’s north shore. You lucky, fortunate Aussies! New School The term offered to trick surfing– airs, shove-its, etc Noodled/ Noodle Arms. Being tired or having in fact worn out arms. Noah. Another term for the shark. Nose. The pointy bit of the surf […]

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Surf Wetsuits

What are the Types of Surfing Wetsuits? A wetsuit is a MUST if you are an average web surfer and want to surf all day. You are one lucky user if you are fortunate to be able to use your shorts all the time, or fortunate enough to follow the summertime year round. First used […]

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Surfing Dictionaries

Surf Terms With the help of this Surfing Terms page you’ll have the ability to not only stroll like a web surfer, but you’ll likewise have the ability to talk like one. Chill with the locals, impress the hotties at the local bar, or reveal up that know-it-all brat who is going out with your […]

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How to behave in Surfing

Surfing Etiquette It’s important to observe the proper rules while out surfing, otherwise, things will just come down into chaos. Many of the dos and don’ts here are described in more information in the posts somewhere else on the site. Do attempt to stick by these unwritten guidelines, keep yourself out of trouble, and enjoy […]

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Start Surfing

Start Surfing Now! Respect: Respect the residents if you are visiting a beach. Bear in mind that you are a visitor which waves should be shared. Rips: If you are caught in a rip, keep in mind that it’s called R.I.P. for a factor. You might not make it back to dry land ever once […]