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Austin Texas to get Waves

Wavegarden will be built and open in Austin, Texas, in 2016.

The NLand Surf Park will feature 11 surfing areas with four different surfing levels ranging from beginner to professional. The artificial wave will create one-foot, four-foot and perfectly tubing six-foot waves every 60 seconds.

Located on a beautiful rural property the size of nine football fields, the lagoon will offer perfect ocean-like waves that will never lose power or shape. Each ride will last for 35 seconds.

“We are working in close collaboration with the experts at Wavegarden to bring this technology to the US. We have such a strong surf culture in America and Wavegarden’s technology is going to add a lot of value here, especially in places like Austin where people love sport and the outdoors,” underlined explained Coors, Doug Coors, CEO of NLand Surf Park.

“We designed the park to tread lightly on the land and all its resources, especially water. Even in the most challenging drought conditions, we will be capable of operating the lagoon with only rainwater.”

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For experts seeking high performance conditions, the main break will provide two waves every minute, approximately six feet in height, that peel in unison in a perfect, barreling motion until they reach a close-out section, ideal for practicing tube riding and big moves.

Simultaneously, many different types of rideable waves, ranging between one-to-four feet, will be created in other parts of the lagoon that will be suitable for surfers of all abilities.

“Historically, surfing has been limited to those lucky enough to have access to the coastline. Formerly, to go surfing required a beach, daylight and specific swell and weather conditions. Now, with our technology we can provide an authentic surfing experience far away from the ocean,”  Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden’s founder and CEO.

The NLand Surf Park will be located just minutes from Austin’s downtown area.

Wave Garden in Austin Texas