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Surfing France – Best time to travel 

Posted by Rafael Griffin on
Surfing France – Best time to travel 

Have you tried Surfing in France – Best time to travel 


The season in France is from May till end of October where you get a terrific mix of warm weather with a lot of sunlight and consistent swell. From June until the end of August is precisely what we call the peak season, this is when France turns it on, the weather condition is perfect with hot temperatures during the day, and mild temperatures at night. The surf throughout these months is likewise impressive.

Best time to travel France for Surfing – After August


The temperature levels begin to drop a little both throughout the day and at night, but in return, you are also rewarded with empty beaches, as well as better waves. The mild winters and long, warm summer seasons along the Atlantic coast are reminiscent of a sub-tropical Mediterranean environment.

Air & Water Temperature in France 

Air temperature along the French coast varies between 23 to 27 ° C in the peak season, and in between 21 & 24 ° C in the surrounding months. Water temperature never overcomes 20 ° C and can be as low as 16 at the beginning & end of the season.

Wetsuit in France 

We continuously recommend wearing a wetsuit in France, the water isn’t super cold so a 2mm wetsuit will generally be sufficient, but the group will talk with you and offer you some advice about exactly what type of wetsuit will be the best suitable for you, and the time of year it is.

Tips: warm summer season days it is possible to surf in a bikini or wetsuit.

Surf Spots in France


The French Atlantic Coast is a melting pot of residents and worldwide tourists who may merely be checking out, or who have chosen to call this piece of paradise their house. The gorgeous golden sand beaches, the perfect weather condition & the fun waves make it difficult to leave. There are plenty of breaks in the area that cater to a lot of various ability levels.

Moliets Plage. The beach break is a local favorite for the team from our neighboring browse camp. Catching your very first waves is perfect. You start by capturing some white water and mastering the take-off, then as soon as you get more positive you work your escape and begin on getting green waves. Like all beach breaks, the sandbanks wander and move along the coast so every year the break is slightly various after huge winter storms.

Travel Info

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Travel Documents. When taking a trip to France we advise grownups, as well as kids, to get or bring their valid Passports. 

Arrivals. All our camps are readily available by bus, train, cars and truck & flights. The bus goes along the coast and will stop near all our places. If showing up by train, you have the very best choice is to head to Bordeaux, same applies if you are flying. RyanAir & EasyJet both fly to Bordeaux as do plenty of other airline companies, so discovering an inexpensive flight through sites such as Skyscanner is no problem at all.

Do’s and don’ts when Surfing in France

  • Dos:
    Yes have a look at a little Boulangerie (Bakery), the smaller sized the much better, to attempt some of the French pastries and croissants.
  • Get a good bottle of regional wine with some grapes, cheese and crackers, and delight in peaceful sundown along one of the many beachfront promenades.
  • Take a trip to Hossegor and check out among the many surf outlets there.
  • Go to Biarritz and check out the lovely French architecture of the old beachside city.
  • You can jump across the border into Spain and go to the European culture capitals of San Sebastian. Here you can go check out fantastic tapas bars, check out the twisted and architecturally spectacular alleys, check out museums & art galleries, or party into the early morning at one of the many nightclubs.
  • Spend an afternoon in Rue de Lac, where you can go mountain cycling through the mountains, take paddle or SUP trips along the rivers and lakes in the area or go hiking.


  • Do not start fires down on the beach, and do not freedom camp. The locals don’t appreciate it.
  • The French are a happy bunch, and in some cases get a little frustrated by needing to speak English. If you can learn some key phrases, it will work marvels in warming the residents up.
  • Swimsuit and Boardshorts are ideal for the beach, not so much for cafés and bars nevertheless.

The French Atlantic Coast.

Surfing along the French coast has become a vital part of the global surf scene over the last 60 years. The majority of all significant surf labels have a European workplace along with the French coast, and the professional trip makes a stop a minimum of once a year. There are waves perfect for specialists who take a journey from around the world to surf the substantial beach breaks, however also spots with perfect mellow waves for those who are wanting to learn.

France, similar to all our international surf camps, only employ the very best surf coaches with not only lots of experience and a fun attitude but also the highest level of training and credentials. We have years of experience along the French Atlantic, which suggests the guides and coaches understand the coast like knowledgeable locals. They will discover the best waves for you and your ability level and get you progressing quickly, while continually keeping you smiling.

The cost of our surf courses in France cost barely more than you could rent a surfboard and wetsuit for at most board rental stores, however you not only discover ways to surf with expert coaches, but you likewise learn about the ocean theory consisting of some basics on swell, tide, and currents, along with about having the ability to check out conditions, choosing the right waves & the best ways to read weather forecast.

The endless golden sand beach at Le Pin Sec.

Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec.

This browse camp offers all of it: powerful waves and qualified surf coaches, yoga with experienced instructors, a beachside location, and incredible home-cooked meals.

Take A Look At Le Pin Sec.

The surf & yoga camp is the best alternative for those of you searching for an active browse vacation to a warm, warm environment. You not only get to enjoy plenty of time out in the browser, and taking part in renewing yoga sessions, but there are also things like beach volleyball competitions, longboard skateboards to lease, a mini ramp onsite for you to learn on, along with lots of beach games for you to use. In the afternoons, you get to enjoy the groups home-cooked gourmet meals, then pull back to the onsite bar with your brand-new friends to delight in a local wine & a best French sunset.