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Surf Hawaii, Quick Facts

Posted by Rafael Griffin on
Surf Hawaii, Quick Facts

Let’s Surf Hawaii! – 20 Series

Surf Hawaii – Quick Facts
AREA: Pacific Ocean
POPULATION: 1.4 million
Currency: United States Dollar

Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is the newest of the 50 US states and has over one million irreversible residents. Due to the quality of surf, this number swells over the cold weather, particularly on the North Shore.
Hawaii has a great warm, tropical environment and beautiful warm water, making it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, and other water users.


There are eight primary islands: Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, La-na’ i, Kaho’olawe, Maui, and the island of Hawai’i. Hawai’i is the largest and most populated of the Hawaiian islands and is known as the huge island.

Hawaii is likewise considered to be the home of Surfing by many, and the ancient Hawaiians practiced the sport. The Ancient Hawaiian individuals did rule out surfing a simple recreational activity, pastime, extreme sport, or career as it is viewed today. Rather, the Hawaiian people integrated surfing into their culture and made surfing more of an art than anything else.

Courtesy: Anna Andriver

They referred to this art as hees Nalu which translates into English as “wave sliding.” The art started before getting into the mysterious ocean as the Hawaiians prayed to the gods for protection and strength to undertake the powerful mystifying ocean. It was the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku was brought surfing to Australia in 1915, his display of surfing on Manly Beach influenced hundreds.

Surf areas are being added to the map all the time. Add some of your favorites if you have a moment.

You have not made it as a world-class surfer if you have not made it on the North Shore. Look in any international surfing magazine, and it will not take you too long to discover a photo of a Hawaiian wave. It is a location genuinely blessed with powerful swells and premium waves for Surfing.

Big Surf at Sunset Beach Hawaii

Each of the Hawaiian islands gets its share of the substantial swells produced from October to March, however unquestionably the North Shore of Oahu is the place that gets the most attention. Internet users converge on this area throughout the winter to check themselves on a few of the worlds finest waves. The location of its breaks makes surfing a fantastic spectator sport. Pipeline seems to breaks right off the beach; it’s almost like you are in the lineup.

The pipeline, Sunset Beach, Waimea, Jaws. Huge big waves. World class surf.

Hawaii gets numerous swells from October to March, created from deep lows tracking across the North Pacific. The swells can be anywhere in the area of 10-30ft – now that’s huge surf. That said, the North Shore is typically flat. However, when it is going off, there are big crowds, big crowd pressure, and localism. Respect needs to be made. A surf trip to Hawaii will be better spent far from the North Shore as there is no shortage of spots and less crowding somewhere else. The other side of the islands sees frequent 3-8ft waves so you will not be losing out too terribly.

It is a great location for a surf trip or regular holiday, and although not the spot for anybody brand-new to surfing it is still an excellent location to go to just for the phenomenon of Surfing.

Surfing Hawaii – The Good
Powerful Reefbreaks
Some of the very best waves on the planet

Surf Hawaii – The Bad
The extremely high requirement of Surfing