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Wetsuit Dictionary

Posted by Rafael Griffin on
Wetsuit Dictionary

Narrabeen is among a whole host of quality surf spots on Sydney’s north shore. You lucky, fortunate Aussies!

New School
The term offered to trick surfing– airs, shove-its, etc
Noodled/ Noodle Arms.
Being tired or having in fact worn out arms.

Another term for the shark.

The pointy bit of the surf board; the bit that points far from you when you are paddling and riding.

Specific very same thing as a sea, just bigger.

This is when the wind at surf break is blowing off the coast;– RRB-, It produces perfect surfing conditions.

This is when the wind is blowing towards the land, spoiling the waves. Constantly remember; offshore excellent, onshore bad!

Out Back.
Beyond the breaking waves. “See you out back.”

The location beyond the line-up. You’ll sometimes hear surfers shout “Outside!” as a warning to other surfers that a larger than a normal wave is approaching and will be breaking even more out that regular.

Waves that are larger than a surfer when standing.

Somebody who stays and plays in the whitewater close to the beach.

Event Wave.
A wave surfed by some individuals at the very same time.

Perl/ Pearl.
This is a common term describing when a private buries the nose of their surfboard in the wave and goes “over the falls.” It’s regularly described by the genuine surfer as “@ #%% @ # @!”.

Pipeline (see pipeline browse area map).
This is the timeless Hawaiian wave– amazing, barreling, and mean. It’s one of the most famous and most photographed waves there is. If you have simply check out browsing lesson one – capturing waves and are prepared to go out and effort surfing for the first time, then Pipeline is more than likely the last location on the planet you want to be.

Pocket/ In the Pocket.
The pocket is the most effective part of the wave, merely ahead of where the wave is breaking.

A mass produced browse board made by the device.

Pop Up.
Explains the move a surfer makes to go from resting on the surf board, into the standing position to ride a wave.

Which  surfer has the right of approach, totally described here.

A decent swell where the waves are great and effective; similarly made use of to describe a surfer aiming to create speed.

Almost everybody, surfers, and non-surfers alike, will presently discover about Quiksilver. They’re one of the biggest manufacturers of searching devices and browse clothing in the world. The lads have succeeded from their boardshort starting on Torquay– great on ya! (See Quiksilver boardshorts in the store.).

A web internet user’s collection of different surfboards. (I’ve heard people say it’s the location where they keep their boards however uncertain about that. Thanks go to Kris CarrĂ© who recommended “quiver” as an entry.).

Radical/ Rad.
High performance or danger taking surfing, awesome or remarkable.

Bed rails are the sides of your surfboard, varying from nose to tail and back once again. More info can be found on the surfboard rail page.

Rail Bang.
To fall off and take the surfboard between the legs (Ouch!).

Raked Over.
To be hammered by inbound waves while paddling out.

Regular/ Regular Footed.
Surfing with your left foot forward.

Rip/ Riptide.
A riptide is an active present heading out to sea. It can be unsafe for web internet users and swimmers alike. Take a look at the location of the wave to discover more information.

Rock Dance.
Participating in or from the browse over rocks.

The bottom curve of a surf board.

See Surfers Against Sewage.

Getting barreled, riding a phat tube.

A typical hand signal used by surfers, with an extended thumb and little finger. Hang loose!

A shove-it is a manoeuver where the rider pushes the surfboard round underneath the feet, 180 or 360 degrees. It’s an outstanding technique if you can do it.

Somebody who buys surf gear and clothes nevertheless does not search.

A term utilized to explain when someone does something amazing, e.g. “that was an ill air”– not just since you have swallowed extreme seawater.

The opposite of surfing efficiently with the design.

Sternward extension of the keel, or a single center fin on browse board.

A quick turn off the top of the wave, ideally throwing loads of spray off the top.

Slater, Kelly.
He’s well-known for staying in Baywatch and his supposed dalliance with Pamela Anderson. Oh yes, we’ve heard that he’s a pretty cool internet user also.

Snake/ Snaking.
Waves should be shared. However, snakes take it all. To snake is to drop in out of turn.

Where spray blows out of the completion of a barrel. Tube spit.

A bodyboarder.

Steamer Lane.
This is a favorite Northern California browse area.

Enter Liquid.
This is precisely what happens when you go walking in puddles. It’s likewise the name of a browse video by browse video guru Dana Brown. Check it out at our video store: Step Into Liquid.

Web surfer slang for a browse board.

Incredibly delighted.

This is the little bit of wood that adds the length of your surfboard. (It’s there if you have a fiberglass one and not one that you have made from an old ironing board!) More information is offered on the surfboard details page.

Drawing Dry.
Where breaking waves trigger all the water to be drained the seabed, leaving it exposed.

Surfers Against Sewage.
SAS is an organization campaigning for tidy water for all. These people are an exceptionally high profile and lobby endlessly to guarantee all water users are surfing in the tidy water.

Surfers’s Knots.
Soft-tissue swellings on the dorsum of the foot and just listed below the knee, as a result of kneeling for extended durations of time on the browse board while waiting on a wave.

Swallow Tail.
You’ll genuinely have to go and check out the surfboard tail shapes area. I cannot be explaining whatever over again.

Swell or groundswell describes strong, genuine waves. (As opposed to rubbish wind chop) Why not find out more about how waves are made.

Change Stance.
Riding the surfboard standing the other way round, i.e., if you’re regularly footed you would be surfing goofy.

This is the bit of the browse board at the opposite end of the nose. Discover more about surfboard tail shapes. For more info on the other littles the surfboard, have a look at the surfboard location.

The tailslide is moving where the tail of the board slides throughout the lip of the wave.

Tow In.
Recording big waves with the aid of a Jetski.

The popular name for a tri-fin shortboard.

Traction Pad.
A traction pad is an irreversible replacement for browse wax, stuck straight to the surfboard. It is usually seen positioned merely in front of the leash plug, providing grip for back foot. The full-length grip is readily available, however, is not seen so often. You may discover it referred to as deck grip, traction, or a riser pad.

Keeping the surf board in a straight line at the optimum angle and cruising down the line.

Tv is public transportation in London. Oh, you indicate Tube! Tv is where the wave is hollow where it’s breaking. For some web surfers, it’s the be all browsing. It’s in some cases called a barrel, keg, or pit.

Turtle Roll.
This is a strategy for getting a longboard out though a breaking wave. (As apposed to duck diving for a shortboard). See our ways to turtle short roll post for more details.

Twin Fin.
A surfboard with two fins.

Uluwatu is a great offer of quality Indonesian browse breaks.

You are not seriously looking for a description of this, are you?

Vanuatu is a smallish island in the Pacific, complete with numerous exceptional waves. If you are preparing a tropical browsing journey, you might do worse!

A female web surfer.

It smells nice, gets stuck in your chest hair (not you women!), and is made use of to stop your feet slipping off your board. Similarly, search wax can be used regarding fix practically anything– dripping roofing, rusty zip … you call it.

Getting spun around and around undersea by a wave.

It’s made from neoprene, avoids the cold, and makes you appear like a seal. Take a look at the wetsuit location to learn more.

Falling off your board is referred to as a wipe-out. Other terms are a donut, mullering, consuming it, taking a pounding, or quite much anything else you would like.

To “get worked” is to clean up out and get tossed about while being held under by the wave.

( e) Xtreme.
Yes, you thought– we could not believe about a surfing word genuinely starting with “X.” Its definition is exactly like in the dictionary. Tow in surfing is the latest type of serious surfing.

Xtrak is among the leading producers of surfboard traction pads. We’ve finally got an appropriate “X.” (See Xtrak traction).

Surf location in Western Australia. (Now we are having a tough time!).

( Thanks to those who have sent us “Z” letters. We were having a tough time for a while now the area is looking quite rosy.).

Zambia, Frieda (Born October 24, 1965).
Florida’s first four-time world champ.

Zogs (Mr.) Sex Wax.
Zogs is a popular brand name of browse wax found anywhere there are internet users. Get some surf wax here.

This is usually considered the “holy grail” of wetsuits, as zippers, no matter how securely made, will continuously let water through. Produced in ’89 by Body Glove, the first zipperless wetsuits were technique too stiff for web internet users to make use of. In ’93, the Japanese highlighted another design that was still too stiff, however by ’95; most wetsuit businesses offered a high-end zipperless match. Benefits include flexibility and heat; downsides include brief lifespan (due to incredibly elastic rubber) and tight entry/exit.

This weather condition pattern term suggests that all of the storm activity in one specific region is moving a consistent west-to-east pattern along the same latitude. While this can take place anywhere in the world, it’s typically related to the Southern Ocean (around Antarctica) and is triggered by prominent ridges of high pressure in the mid-latitudes, “pancaking” the active storm track into the upper latitudes. Since most of the swell energy in these storms will just take a journey the direction the fetch is pointed, it suggests that of the swell is similarly going west-to-east. For most of the eastern half of the Pacific (California, Baja, Mainland Mexico, and Central America), zonal activity in the SPAC is bad for swell production. It’s excellent for a location in its path like Chile, however bad for the rest people.

This is the precise same as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. Zulu time is utilized on weather charts, which might show 12Z for 1200 GMT or 00Z for 0000 GMT. Climate condition charts play an essential part in forecasting browse.


That’s it for the surf terms page. If anyone read this page and discovered it remarkable and valuable (or even from another place amusing at times) then we ‘d have an interest in understanding– e-mail us and let us know.